Made to measure suits

"Once you've worn a Made to Measure suit, there's no going back. You like who you see in the mirror - a man of manners, taste and distinction; a man who likes his martini shaken, not stirred"

What is Made to Measure? 

Our tailor will embark with you on the journey that is creating your very own, Made to measure suit at Galvin Tullamore. No detail is surpassed as our team ensure everything is tailored specifically to suit your needs. Your personal tailor will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your suit is tailored to perfection, suiting your every need. Made to Measure at Galvins gives you the opportunity to create a tactile expression of your own personality. 

Stage 1: The Appointment

The journey starts with your initial fitting. The process begins by establishing the ideal style, size and fit for you.

Indeed, even a couple of millimeters can decode regardless of whether an article of clothing fits well, or fits perfectly. It is not just about improving the best even, is it about giving each made to quantify suit an individual shape.

Each and every millimeter counts at this phase of the process. The outcome? A made to measure suit that feels like world renowned second skin.

After a friendly, in-store consultation where we’ll establish exactly what it is you’re looking for, you can let your personal tailor take it from there.

Relax in the knowledge that we’ll cover all bases so you’re only investing in something you love. Establish your own personal style with the benefits of a one-to-one service



Stage 2: The Design

The next step is to choose the outer fabric and lining for your suit from a selection of fabrics available. We have a great range of amazing fabrics to choose from with one of a kind show books, showcasing our assortment of examples, hues and materials from the finest Italian factories.

The cloth you select from our range comes from the finest fabric mills, where only the best natural fibres are allowed in the door. More than any other factor, cloth choice defines the cost of your investment. But we also urge you to consider how often you'll wear the garment. Regular wear will require a fabric with gumption and staying power; occasional wear could tempt you into a luxury fabric, such as wool or mohair. 

In the event of a wedding, together we can find a Made to Measure suit for your big day. We’ll take the time to ensure you and your groomsmen have a suit that not only complements the bridal party but one that’s accurately tailored to each man.


Stage 3: The Finer Details


This phase of your made to measure incorporates the consideration of your individual, unmistakable style. Our tailor will guide you through the various options you have in relation to the style of your suit.

Our show books will help you in covering everything from the lapel style, the waistband length of your trouser, all down to the consideration of a pocket inside your suit jacket.

All of the options available for customising include, buttons, pocket style, vent options, trouser pleats, cuffs, and much more. You can really achieve any kind of look for your tailored suits that you’re after.




              Stage 4:  COLLECTION AND FINAL FIT

The last stage in your journey is the accumulation of your own one of a kind, specially crafted to quantify suit. Our tailor will make plans so you can collect your new suit the day it touches base in store, approximately  six weeks after the initial fitting.

Your tailor will meet with you upon the arrival to guarantee the suit meets, as well as surpasses your desires. We will invite you in for a final fitting, our specialist in-house tailors will make any alterations necessary to ensure a truly personal fit.

The beauty of our unique Made to Measure service is that your own personal tailor will work with you from beginning to end to guarantee that your suit is customized to flawlessness, suiting your each need. Every suit that leaves our store will be as interesting as the man who wears it!

With 65 years experience, Galvin Tullamore has established itself at the centre of Irish tailoring since 1960. Our unrivalled experience is at your service.