Eterna Mode GmbH has its origins in “Hönigsberg & Singer”, a business established in Vienna by the Hönigsberg brothers on 5
November 1863. This textile factory initially produced semi-stiff shirt collars, which, given use of a patented fabric, were so durable
and robust, that this fact needed to be reflected in the company’s name. As a consequence the founders established the eterna brand,
which is Latin for “eternal” or “everlasting”.

The double-fabric collar was a hit and so a branch office was opened in Passau in 1927. In 1993 eterna Mode GmbH relocated to
its current corporate headquarters in Passau-Sperrwies and continued to upgrade capacity in subsequent years.

Despite periods of turbulence featuring many highs and lows the company name has kept its side of the bargain. eterna has been in
business for 150 years and, despite operating in a challenging market, is one of Germany’s top three vendors.