Galvin Tullamore first made an appearance on William Street, Tullamore in 1950.

Started by the late John Galvin Senior, Galvin Tullamore bears little resemblance to the store that opened over 60 years ago. Times were tough and fashion was a word yet to be invented.

Through hard work and persistence the business grew and in 1969 moved to its present location. In 1988 John Galvin’s son Paul, took over the business. Having gone through many different iterations since it first opened, none have been more significant that the completed rebuild in 2014 that resulted in today’s magnificent premises.

Without doubt a true emporium of the finest in menswear fashion, Galvin Tullamore boasts 7500sq. ft. (210 ft. from the front entrance to the rear entrance) of beautifully displayed menswear from some of the most important names in men’s clothing.

Galvin Tullamore is divided into 5 distinct areas or depths - fashion, lifestyle casual, formal, footwear and dress suit hire.